We have a range of offerings to ensure that every one of your cravings – from creamy to crunchy – are catered for. Good stewardship is one of our family values, so we take great care to be as socially and environmentally responsible as possible. Nobody is perfect, but we believe every bit helps, so biodegradable straws, recycling and community partnerships are just some of the ways we are spreading the love.

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  • Gelato
  • Soft Serve
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Belgium Waffles
  • Toppings and Sauces
  • Gelato shakes & Milkshakes
  • Health Shakes (Dairy & non-dairy)

Take me home, country road!

Take home a whole liter of our yummiest vanilla and chocolate, as well as our signature gelato flavours – Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry Pavlova.

Smaller portion-size tubs are also available if you have to hit the road, so for a more fruity, dairy-free, option you can choose from a selection of seasonal sorbet flavours.

And off course we never forget the kid in every one of us – our fridge is always stocked with tubs of bubblegum and candy floss-goodness!

Our handcrafted Gelato Cakes will add a touch of whimsy to any party! You have the option to choose from three Classic Gelato Cakes, with or without toppings.

If you have a specific flavour in mind and don’t find all your answers under the FAQ section, please mail us at info@framboos.co.za and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Please remember that our Gelato Cakes are fragile beauties – they melt hearts, but also in the sun, so they need to be transported with the utmost care and chill-factor. For the most smiles all around we suggest that you host your function at the Redberry Farm or bring a cooler with ice packs to transport your cake to a location nearby.

Please have a look below to start dreaming!

Option 1

Kiddies Cake

Choose between:

Creamy Vanilla  |  Strawberry  |  Candy floss  |  Mint  |  Bubblegum  |  Chocolate flavour.

Option 2

Exclusive Berry

Choose between one of our three signature berry flavours:

Strawberry Pavlova  |  Blueberry  |  Raspberry.

Option 3

Gourmet Cake

Choose between a selection of flavours including:

Ferrero Rocher  |  Choc Hazel Fudge  |  Bar-One  |  Salted Caramel  |  Chocolate Brownie  |  Oreo  |  Cookies & Cream |  Dark chocolate  |  Condensed Milk Fudge  |  Coffee  |  Coconut Cluster  |  Turkish Delight  |  Strawberry Pavlova  |  Caramel Swirl  |  Mint Stracciatella  |  Raspberry  |  Blueberry.


1. How long in advance should I order my cake?

Please order your cake 2 weeks before your event. To finalise your order we will require a deposit of 50%.

2. What different ice cream cakes do you offer?

We offer three handcrafted gelato cake options.

  • Option 1: Kiddies Cake – you can choose between Creamy Vanilla, Strawberry, Candy floss, Mint, Bubblegum or Chocolate flavour. Prices range between R500 for an undecorated cake to R750 for a cake with decorations.
  • Option 2: Exclusive Berry – choose between one of our three signature berry flavours – Strawberry Pavlova, Blueberry or Raspberry. Prices range between R800 for an undecorated cake, to R950 for a cake with decorations.

  • Option 3: Gourmet Cake – choose between a selection of flavours including Ferrero Rocher, Choc Hazel Fudge, Bar-One, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Brownie, Oreo, Cookies & Cream, Dark chocolate, Condensed Milk Fudge, Coffee, Coconut Cluster, Turkish Delight, Strawberry Pavlova, Caramel Swirl, Mint Stracciatella, Raspberry or Blueberry. Prices range between between R800 for an undecorated cake, to R950 for a cake with decorations.
3. I want a personalised cake that is not one of the three options mentioned – can you help me?

We would love to do our best to make your flavour dreams come true and can play around with extra scoops of gelato and adjust the price accordingly. However, our cakes are still made of ice cream and do not offer the versatility in terms of shape and theme of a regular baked cake. Please keep this in mind before submitting a request.

4. What size are your cakes?

Our cakes are 20cm in diameter.

5. How many servings do they deliver?

Our cakes easily serve 20 people.

6. Are your cakes gluten free?

Yes, all our cakes are gluten free, except if your flavour preference includes Chocolate Brownie.

7. Will my cake order include cups & spoons?

Yes, we will supply cups and spoons with the cake.

8. How much freezer space do I need to store the cake?

You will need to make sure that you have at least 30cm in diameter and about 30cm in height – depending on the height of your requested toppings.

9. How do you package the cake?

We will package your cake either in a round polystyrene container or in a carboard box – depending on the height of your requested toppings. If you are hosting your event at the Redberry Farm we will serve the cake on a round silver cake plate.

10. How should I collect and transport the cake?

Our gelato cakes are fragile beauties and will start to melt and loose their shape if they are not kept chilly. We suggest that you bring a cooler bag with ice packs to transport your cake home in and make sure that they get into the freezer as quickly as possible.

11. How do I pay for my cake?

Please make an EFT before collection covering the deposit or alternatively you can pay via cash, card or Snapscan in store. The rest of the outstanding amount can be paid with collection.

12. Where do I collect my cake?

Please collect your cake at our Framboos store located on the Redberry Farm.

13. How do you suggest serving my gelato cake?

We suggest keeping your cake in the freezer until about 5 minutes before you would like to serve it. This will help the gelato to soften just a tad to make it easier to scoop or slice. You can scoop the cake with an ice cream scoop and serve it in bowl or with a sugar cone. You can also dip a knife in hot water and slice it like a regular cake.

14. How long will it take before the cake melts?

Being ice cream, this is totally weather dependent. We have found that the cake keeps well at room temperature for about 15-20minutes outside the freezer before melting.

15. How long can I keep the cake in the freezer?

In the highly unlikely event of there being left-overs (just saying) our cake is the gift that keeps on giving! One of the great benefits of ordering our gelato cakes is that it will remain yummy in the freezer long after the last dance move. We suggest freezing left-overs and then wrapping it in cling wrap and keeping it frozen – stored like this it can keep up to a month.

We are always in for a celebration!

Speak to us about how we can help to bring extra cheer to your small function, party or event. Please email info@framboos.co.za to start the conversation.

Get in touch

Our store is located at the famous family-friendly Redberry Farm in the shadows of the beautiful Outeniqua Mountains. Please pop in – we would love to scoop up your smile!

It is always a joy for us to connect with our gelato-loving community from near and far. If you have specific questions, please take a look at the relevant section on our site where we have answered all of the questions we get asked most frequently. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, please contact us at info@framboos.co.za

Whether it be one of our mouthwatering ice cream cakes or inviting some Framboos-spirit to your next event – we are looking forward to serving you!

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