Our story does not start with a big business plan, investors, chef training or a gelato-making internship in Italy (Although hey, any sponsors?). Our story is one of celebrating humble beginnings, building community, investing in relationships and growing through challenging times to reap the fruit of obedience.

In 2015 our co-founder, Marike, was freshly married and the Garden Route did not offer many employment opportunities for her Honours degree in Agriculture. Never scared to get her hands dirty, she started out as a waitress on the Redberry Farm, just outside George, and gradually got to know the owner Mark Miller. One day he showed her an empty barn on the farm and said if she could develop a concept for the space it could be her new job. Challenged Accepted. With no background in business studies or management experience she turned a rundown part of the farm into a cozy nook that now serves up barista-brewed coffee and the best scones and strawberry jam in the world (Just believe us. Really.). The RedShed opened its’ doors later that year and has quickly become a favourite spot for young and old – you can even enjoy a strawberry inspired cocktail to celebrate the